Sydney and Ryan

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A quick set of photos of Sydney, Ryan, and their three dogs for their Christmas photos.

When taking photos with animals involved… you need to be both patient and quick on the trigger finger.  They rarely sit still.

Funny outakes/mistakes … Read the rest

Paige – Graduation

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Paige was a recent college graduate who wanted some photos with her horse and dog.  Her white horse, Rico, is older and wasn’t being actively ridden… but she had grown up riding him.

Her dog is a very mellow one … Read the rest

Photographing Horses

I shoot a LOT of horse photos and have covered numerous events.   So…. I get asked a lot of questions on what works best...

Color Run Photography

The dude in the above photo blazed through the course, enduring barrages of colored corn starch thrown his way.  This was the last blast...